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Cyber Security and Privacy Research Laboratory (SPF LAB) conducts cutting-edge research in computing to make possible exceptional solutions and products in the following areas:


Security and Privacy

·               Access control, authentication, and authorization

·               Accountability

·               Anonymity

·               Usability and security

·               Application and web security

·               Cloud security

·               Economics of security and privacy

·               Malware and unwanted software

·               Mobile and web security and privacy

·               Security modelling

·               Formal models

·               Privacy technologies and mechanisms

·               Security architectures

·               IoT security and privacy

·               Cyber-attacks detection and prevention

·               Cyber threats and threat intelligence

·               Cryptanalysis and cryptology

·               Electronic crime

·               Fraud detection and forensics

·               Security in smart grid

·               Operating systems security

·               Security for human-machine interaction


Machine Learning

·               Complex attacks with machine learning

·               Threat prediction with machine learning

·               Machine learning based damage (cost) estimation of attacks

·               Machine learning and/or game theoretical models for networks

·               Machine learning, information retrieval, and artificial intelligence in social contexts

·               Accountability, trust, and risk in machine learning decisions

·               Applying machine learning techniques and tools for malware analysis

·               Attacks on machine learning algorithms

·               Machine learning and blockchain

·               Malware analysis with machine learning

·               Smart contracts with machine learning

·               Deep learning to detect advanced malware


Trust and Identity Management

·               Identification and identity management

·               Risk assessment and management

·               Trust management

·               Trust in IoT/cloud/real-time systems/social networks

·               Trust in Big data/human-computer interaction/crowd-sourcing…

·               Reputation systems

·               Formal aspects (specification, reasoning, and analysis)

·               Economic modeling of trust, risk and control; economics of trusted data quality

·               Architectures and models

·               Benchmarks, metrics and computation

·               Trust and privacy in distributed ledgers

·               Trust in distributed consensus

·               Analysis and control of belief, influence, and rumor propagations in social environments


Financial Systems and Electronic Payments

·               Blockchain and blockchain applications

·               Anonymity and privacy for financial systems

·               Applied cryptography and commercial cryptographic applications

·               Auctions and mechanisms

·               Behavioral aspects of security and privacy

·               Biometrics

·               Contactless payment and ticketing systems

·               Cryptocurrencies

·               Digital cash and payment systems

·               Digital rights management

·               Distributed ledgers

·               Electronic commerce security

·               Microfinance and micropayments

·               Mobile systems security and privacy for payments

·               Secure banking and financial services

·               Smart contracts and financial instruments

·               Smartcards, secure tokens, and secure hardware

·               Virtual goods and virtual economies

·               Trust, risk, and reputation in smart contracts

·               Privacy and financial transparency


Computer Networks and Social Networks

·               Security, privacy and trust in analysis of social media posting and crowdsourcing

·               Phishing and social engineering

·               Social networks security and privacy

·               Voting systems

·               Security for mobile and wireless networks

·               Security for next-generation networks

·               Network security metrics and performance

·               Software defined networking (SDN)

·               Security, privacy and trust issues in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks

·               Anonymous communication, metrics and performance

·               Integration of blockchain schemes with 5G networks

·               Social-aware network solutions in communications systems

·               Network graph modeling, measurements, simulations, and experiments



·               Mobile healthcare

·               Future mobile networks for healthcare

·               Wearable medical wireless sensors

·               IoT for e-health

·               E-Health-oriented software architectures (Agent, SOA, Middleware, etc.)

·               Autonomic diagnosis and situation awareness (Fall, Activity, etc.)

·               Health and wellness measurement, monitoring and intervention

·               Privacy in e-health

·               Health grid and health cloud

·               Health monitoring and traffic characterization

·               Emerging e-health applications

·               Mobile and cloud computing for e-health

·               Big data analytics for healthcare

·               E-health systems for integrated care

·               Health information systems

·               E-health systems based on social technologies

·               Electronic health records

·               Artificial intelligence for healthcare

·               Interoperability issues in e-health

·               Usability, user experience and acceptability in e-health

·               Security and trust in e-health


Transportation Systems

·               Autonomous vehicle security

·               Security in vehicular communications

·               Vehicular ad hoc networks

·               Autonomous driving security

·               Security of vehicles’ communication channels (CAN BUS, ARINC-664, etc.)

·               Big data analytics for intelligent transportation

·               Intelligent infrastructure

·               Connected services








Assoc. Prof. Şerif Bahtiyar


Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering

Istanbul Technical University

Ayazağa Campus, Maslak, Istanbul, 34469, Turkey


Web: https://web.itu.edu.tr/bahtiyars/

E-mail: spflab At itu.edu DOT tr








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