Cyber Security and Privacy Research Laboratory







Cyber Security and Privacy Research Laboratory


Established in late 2018, Cyber Security and Privacy Research Laboratory (SPF Lab) endeavors to conduct pioneering research on Security, Privacy, and Financial systems that will positively affect the society. We focus on innovative technology that will extend basic research and will provide applied solutions to industry by designing, analyzing, and verifying systems. SPF Lab is committed to collaborate with both academia and industry. We support education at undergraduate and graduate levels.


SPF Lab’s research is categorized into seven main groups:


·      Cyber Security and Privacy

·      Trust and Identity Management

·      Financial Systems and Electronic Payments

·      Computer Networks and Social Networks

·      Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

·      E-Health

·      Intelligent Transportation Systems








Assoc. Prof. Şerif Bahtiyar


Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering

Istanbul Technical University

Ayazağa Campus, Maslak, Istanbul, 34469, Turkey


Web: https://web.itu.edu.tr/bahtiyars/

E-mail: spflab At itu.edu DOT tr








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